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GuyRule #338.0: Evaluating a Guy's New Girl
If you're in a bar with a Guy and his new girl, and he asks you what you think of her while she's talking to her friends/at the bathroom, try this:

Buy for her one of the same cheap beers you and the Guy have been drinking all night for each of you and gauge her reaction, from worst to best :

  1. Rolls her eyes, doesn't touch the beer, asks the Guy to buy her a new, more expensive one.
  2. Takes a sip and leaves the beer on the bar the rest of the night.
  3. Comments on the cheapness of the beer and nurses it , but finishes it.
  4. Drinks the whole beer without a word.
  5. Finishes the beer before you do, and buys another round, belching louding and giving you shit for being a slow drinker.
-Jake Decker