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Test Questions:

Question #1 If you're doing something with a buddy that takes a particular skill, and you don't know what the hell you're doing, you: A ask for help
B mimic his actions
C blame it on your tools
D blame it on the beer
Question #2 When is it acceptable to fart in another guy's car? A anytime
B only on a long road trip
C only after he himself has farted
D if you think you can get away with it
Question #3 When your buddy is throwing around new terminology, the only way to handle is to: A to give ooos and aaahs
B challenge the termininology
C pretend to challenge the terminology just to piss him off
D pretend to know the terminology already
Question #4 When you're with a guy who's purchasing lumber for his project, and you see that he is making unacceptable lumber selections, you: A jump in and correct him
B let him make the mistakes
C it depends on how far into the project you are
D it depends on how well you know the guy
Question #5 If you're a passenger in your buddy's car and a good song comes on the radio, what do you do? A reach over and turn it up, then explain later
B not say anything, but hope your buddy turns it up
C ask your buddy to turn it up because the driver has exclusive rights over the radio
D do nothing
Question #6 As a passenger, it's quite acceptable to adjust the air conditioning in the car. A true
B false
Question #7 While critiquing another guy's project, you: A point out the type of lumber selected
B compliment the guy's workmanship
C secretly admire the project
D comment, acting like you know more about it than you do
Question #8 What type of nailing separates the Guy from the boys: A it doesn't matter, as long you have the biggest hammer
B sinking the nail in the fewest hits
C nailing upright two-by-fours
D ceiling nailing
Question #9 Of the following words, which one is NOT banned from being uttered in a "guy" situation like working on a project? A Nurturing
B Loving
C Respect
D Warm
Question #10 The only time it's socially acceptable for a guy to cry is when he is: A Filing for bankruptcy
B Trying to get sympathy from a woman
C Experiencing an offical full-blown hit in the balls
D Too drunk to know better