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Test Questions:

Question #1 The trick that can be used in the Do-it-Yourself Guy Rule is the: A work a little faster
B suggest a break
C work a little longer
D none of the above
Question #2 When bringing beer over to a guy's house for consumption during a project, you must bring canned beer as opposed to bottles because: A broken glass is dangerous on a construction site
B cans are cooler
C you remove the possibility of excessive displays of testosterone
D canned beer is cheaper
Question #3 Why wouldn't you offer beer to the guys too early in the morning, after just starting the project? A you don't want to get drunk before accomplishing anything
B that would throw other Rules into chaos
C it's unsafe
D you'd spend too much money on beer
Question #4 When helping a buddy move into a new place, what can you christen first? A faucets
B lights
C swiming pool
D toilet
Question #5 To avoid beer backsplash, you: A stick your tongue in the tip of the bottle
B don't worry about it
C bring the bottle down slightly so the pressure goes off the top lip
D don't let the bottle touch your mouth
Question #6 What's one of the situations when you can't really enjoy your beer? A it's too warm
B it's the last beer before The Big Switch
C your buddy brought over cheap beer
D you really didn't feel like drinking
Question #7 When you're on an escalator, standing still for the ride, and a woman walks passed you, as a Guy, you must: A Feel compelled to move along as well
B Wait until she is beyond eye contact before checking her out
C Sneak a good look at her butt
D Look at your shoes and wish you had the nuts to look at her butt
Question #8 When buying beer, when is it permissable not to buy anything for the wife? A Always, since she has a car of her own
B Always because she does the shopping so she can buy her own wine
C Never, it will haunt you if you don't bring her something
D Never, because you will probably have to go back anyway for something she forgot to tell you to buy
Question #9 When helping your buddy install his new car stereo, only ridicule him if A His new stereo sucks
B It's your car he's tearing apart
C He's been working too long on the project
D He gets the connections wrong
Question #10 When with your buddies, the Quick-Click-Look Guy signals the others for what reason? A The pizza and beer arrived.
B It's time to kneel, or stand up, or sit down.
C To see if there is a female passing by.
D It's time to end in the cigars and interns.