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Mimic when Unsure Farting (to Fart) Introducing a Buddy to New Terminology Giving Your Buddy an Out Mismatching the Plates Christen the Toilet I-Know-I'm-Really-Fat-When... Grading Farts Every Guy Has a Get-Rich Scheme Reacting to Your Buddy Getting Hit in the Nuts Keeping Up with your Buddy Don't Eat the Last Piece Helping Your Buddy Leave Musty Shirts Courtesy Check-Out Share the Stink Public Restroom Wing Man Money & Buddies The Remote is Sacred Condom Borrowing #2 Bummin' Cigs Token Helper Razzing Your Whipped Buddies Clothes Make the Man Buddies & Their Girls Snake Bites Guy Scores in a Movie Noticing Project Mistakes Insult for Insult Buddy Says He's Gay Buddies The Fish Handshake Ex-Girlfriends are Off-Limits Forever Friends with a Buddy's Girl Movie Buffer Seat Dog Farts Farting TV Dating a friend's ex sharing the drinks Buddy Sees Girl He Knows at Bar Compliment Your Buddy's Project Never Leave a Man Behind Recognize the effort Wingman Porno Flow A Guys Best Friend Buddy's Cheating: Beyond the Scope TV Notification Your Buddies X When your Buddy isn't getting any First to notice...first to chance it Eliminate Buddy Competition When your Buddy Scores The Cross-Dresser Farting Guy Faithful Fraternity movie quotes Don't Let Your Buddy Kill Him Fire Alarm Buddy Check Statute of Limitations Away From Home Proper Use of the Buffer Buddy's False Identity Face the Music Acknowledgement of Past Partners Remote Etiquette Whipped Buddies Fart Smell Saved from Embarassment Buddy's Attempt to Start a Musical Career When Your Buddy Is In Trouble 21st Birthday Card Night with the Guys If a Buddy's Killing Jokes A Buddy Submitted a Bad GuyRule Showing Buddies Respect Around Women Planning Ahead! A Guys Sleep Can't Sleep with His Ex-Girlfriend Farting Pride The Remote Control Drunken Judgement Anybody Knocking Your Best Friend(s) Get the Assist Bathroom Antics Getting Dumped Help on Recovering Toilet Christening Never Badmouth Your Buddy's Dog Making Fun of Someone That's Gullible Interesting Underwear Drunken Judgement Your Studly Look Buddy Really Needs It Admitting to a Bar Fart Only Single Guy Pay Back Your Buddy Baby Shower Dodge Guys Spelling A Guy's Story Help Him Forget Her Road Trips Buddy's Putdowns Taking Charity Comments on a Guy's Haircut Farting in the Company of Friends Sympathy for Your Buddy Mind Your Place Close Quarters Stereo Operation Tag Titty Bar Colors and His Cloths Druken Fights Learn to Take It Bro Rule Getting your ass kicked ass kicking Television Remote Buddies v's Women White Knuckle Rule Gettin' Dad's Teaching You to be a Guy 18th Birthday (In Canada) Hooking up buddys Drunken Buddies The drunk buddy Sports and Porno Hitting a friend Buddies Cheating Shut UP Hassled for being whipped Men's Clothing Applauding noises Turtle on the Ground Early Warning She's My Boy's Ex, But . . . Pain of Tatoos Dating your friends ex-girlfriends