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Do it Yourself! Crushing of the Can Different Good-byes Project Ego Hasty Quality? Acknowledging the Hello Token Protests Taking Breaks Trumping the Bullshit You've Gotta Admit I-Just-Blew-My-Cool Examining the Project When Finished The Best Buy and Most Famous Person Words that are Banned on the Project Site Keeping Your Cool When You're Late A Captain Picard Guy Rule Different Sets of Directions I Beat the Sales Guy Swimming Pool Rules Pissing in the Wild Rip Cord Urinal Etiquette Men's Room Etiquette Locker Room Shower Etiquette Urinal Etiquette (Australia) Bathroom Etiquette Crying Respect in the Steam Room Car Stereo Installation Bluffing Asking For Directions Dad Genuflection Shoulder Game Showering in the Locker Room Watching a Movie on TV Injuries Injuries Shaving Comments Urinal Etiquette Sell that move! Pumping Iron Urinal Etiquette Music From Popular Bands Sidewalk Control Deep Thinking Guys Don't Drink Hot Tea The Bright Side Bus Etiquette Injuries: The No-Witness Clause Bathroom Socializing Urinal Etiquette Taking your own medicine More Locker Rooms Coffee Working for Exams Porno Flicks/John Holmes Exemption Urinal Conversations T.V. Control Public Restrooms: The Wall Stare Letting a Guy out of a Bet Earn Your Slice of Guydom Public Pain Admit It Public Restroom Departure Manly Dogs vs. Cats One-Seat Spacing House Rules It's Not a Penis Weightlifting Ego Spam-Inducing GuyRule Submissions When Asked About Other Men Silent Farts Complete Unbuckle at the Urinal Boastful Stories Purse Holding Urinal Don'ts Rules and Manuals Clean Feet Introduced to A Guy by Your Girlfriend Urinal Threat Holding a Purse Giving Help The Color Never to Wear Crying at the Movies Men's Room Door Avoid Feminine Music Lockerroom Eyes More on Public Urinals Inflated Job Title Stair Etiquette Getting Punched Double Occupancy Closeness of a Shave Farting in the Tub Handshake Pissing New cars: Under the Hood Soap Sunscreen Your Three Stories Concealed Weapons Condom Purchase Passing on the Right Appearance Movies Anonymous Submissons Gitch Shall Not Touch Mine Quote Thou shalt not quote Hamlet BandAid Types of 'Legal' Tattoos