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GuyRule #98.0: Getting Your Word in
"When you're talking to a guy, you've both gotta get your word in, okay? And usually, if youre both excited about a subject, you both want to speak at once about something, there's sort of a game that goes on about who establishes, who speaks first." -D

"Oh yeah." -G

"One guy will start speaking. The other guy will then-" -D

"Jump in there and cut him off." -G

"-speaking MORE LOUDLY or more quickly, usually both. And you kind of try and smother each other for the next word." -D

"Oh, and you've also got the Mister Im-Gonna-Be-Polite-and-not-Cut-You-Off-Wait-Till-You're-Finished Guy, who's totally glazed over in the eyes, and you know full well that he ain't listenin to a thing you say-" -G

"YEAH!" -D

"-He's just waiting for you to shut-up so he can interject his thoughts!" -G