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GuyRule #79.0: Words that are Banned on the Project Site
"If you're really in a guy situation, workin' in the back yard, got your beer can (can't have bottles, that's a Guy Rule), there's certain words you can't use: Sensitive, ..." -G

"Nurturing." -D

"Warm." -G

"Loving." -D

"Oh, yes, yes." -G

"Yes, those are the types of words that you can't use with the other guys. If
you break the comin-out-sensitive thing, especially during a guy thing with beers in their hand, unless it's a really close buddy, close, close, the other guy's gotta automatically feel a little bit shunned."-G

"If you're playin' by the rules, and if you're expecting that, then the other guy is clearly breaking etiquette. Big Time." -D

"And understand why. It's because you're not at that stage yet. That's reserved for the brother, the one close friend. Can't break out the sensitive too early. It's a Guy Rule." -G